libero (n)
Definition: From the Italian, meaning ‘free’; in sport, a player with a free role, who combines vision and creativity and can help turn defence into attack.

Libero Language Lab was set up in 2002 by Dan Brennan, who has worked as a professional translator for almost 20 years (Russian and French). Over the last decade, Libero has built up a highly skilled team of professional translators specialising in sport, and predominantly football, which today covers some 50 language pairs. Dan is also an experienced football journalist (and former publication editor), who has contributed to most of the leading newspapers and periodicals in the UK, as well as many foreign publications, especially in Japan, Scandinavia, South Africa and the former Soviet Union.

What makes us unique?

We are specialists

There are tens of thousands of translation agencies out there. Many fail to match up to exacting professional standards, and fewer still offer a truly specialised service. Libero specialises in sport and we've spent years identifying the best translators and editors in our niche. For many companies placing a translation with an agency or translator is a shot in the dark; if you place your job with Libero you will be buying yourself peace of mind. 

Our client base

We like to think that our client list tells its own story. Here are a few of the organisations that have entrusted their projects to Libero: UEFA, the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, Arsenal FC, Heart of Midlothian FC, Celtic FC, Middlesbrough FC, Manchester City FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, FourFourTwo, The Times, The BBC, The Guardian, The Irish Football Association, Fobazo, Sportingbet, The Sun, Sport, BBC MotD Magazine, World Soccer, Skysports, Credit Suisse, the International Volleyball Federation, Sportswrites International, Sports Safety Solutions Ltd

We put the accent on quality

Each Libero team member is carefully selected for their experience and qualifications. Most of our translators and interpreters are accredited by professional organisations, and, without exception, must demonstrate relevant specialist knowledge and experience. 

We are 'media-savvy'

We have bundles of experience when it comes to localising sports publications into a variety of languages, and have fine-tuned our modus operandi and quality control procedures to ensure that we deliver top notch translations within what are often demanding time constraints imposed by design and print deadlines. Every translation will be proofed by an editor who is a native speaker of the target language, and more often than with a strong professional media background. Where the client's production schedules, and budgets allow, we always recommend that a further sub-edit and proofread stage is incorporated following page design, in order to resolve 'snagging' such as foreign script glitches, and lay-out issues such as 'overmatter' and 'orphans' that can result from discrepancies in the word-counts between different languages. 

We are not just translators

To reflect the dual professional background of its founder, Libero offers a blend of sports translation, interpreting and journalism. Libero coordinates a network of seasoned sports writers in the UK and abroad, from the Czech Republic to Holland, Argentina to South Africa. We also have an intimate understanding of the processes involved in magazine publishing, and also of the standards required. Members of Libero's multilingual journalistic network are often drafted in to work on our translation projects, as this can help to provide an extra layer of specialist finesse and stylistic sheen to the end product.